Teen Safety Education

Street Survival - Teen SafetyOur Foundation is pleased to report that, as a result of our sponsorship, and that of others, over 2,600 teenager drivers across the country have received training and education to help make them safer drivers.

What better way to preserve out motoring heritage for the next generation…by keeping them safe!

Thanks to your generous donation to the National Corvette Museum, we were able to host a Tire Rack Street Survival school at the Nation al Corvette Motorsport Park.

Last year we completed over 100 such events and taught more than 2,600 teens on how to be safer drivers which makes the roads a safer place for all of us. It is supporters like you that help to support our important life-saving work.

Again, we sincerely appreciate the support to the Museum and its educational services, and subsequently, to Tire Rack Street Survival.

Bill Wade
National Program Directory
Tire Rack Street Survival

Thanks, Bill, and keep up the good work at Tire Rack Street Survival.

– Christi Edelbrock