The Edelbrock Family

Over the last 75 years, the Edelbrock family has proven itself as a leader and pioneer within the automotive aftermarket industry. From the day Vic Edelbrock Sr. went over 121 miles per hour, 3 weeks before Pearl Harbor, to the Sprint Cup Series cars that race every Sunday with Edelbrock manifolds, the Edelbrocks have built a legacy of going fast. More importantly, over those 75 years, the Edelbrock family has guided a company that values and focuses on the importance of family.

Vic Edelbrock, Jr.

Vic Edelbrock, Jr.Vic Edelbrock, Jr., the only child of the legendary hot rodder, mechanic, and industry visionary, Vic Edelbrock. He has been the president of the company founded by his father since 1962.

When his father passed away, Vic Edelbrock Jr. unexpectedly found himself in the driver’s seat of the company. Quickly, “Junior” grabbed the wheel and continued his father’s vision of innovation in the automotive aftermarket industry. His has been a prominent role in the industry throughout the decades.

Racing has been and continues to be one of Vic’s passions outside of business, having raced boats, cars, and lately, is still active in his 70’s racing vintage cars across the United States. Of course, Vic is a car collector as well, with an amazing collection of hot rods and classics, many of which are driven by Vic and family to car shows and events both near and far. Vic’s daily driver is a 2015 Corvette Stingray.

Heading the list of very personal and unheralded philanthropic efforts is Vic’s devotion to helping young people interested in the automotive industry. “For some time now, Nancy and I have been interested in the new wave of technical schools offering a student out of high school a chance to gain an education in a trade – if that student does not wish to, or cannot afford to attend a four-year college. We have even ventured into programs with younger students. With support from Edelbrock employees, we established a fund for a local high school scholarship in Torrance, California. The school has a tremendous auto shop staffed by great teachers.”
– Vic Edelbrock, Jr.

Nancy Edelbrock

Nancy EdelbrockVic and Nancy were married in 1959 on the campus of USC, where they attended college and met on a blind date. Within a few years, the Edelbrocks were blessed with three active daughters, keeping Nancy busy at horse showing and jumping events, and water ski racing.

In the 1970’s, the Edelbrocks were involved in SEMA, HHRA drag racing, and other major events like the Daytona 500. Promotion was Nancy’s calling, she was a magnet in drawing attention to the company. People would marvel at her ability to handle any situation. She could go from riding on the back of a scooter, carrying a sachel filled with tools and parts, racing around the pit area at a drag race, to running our display booth.

Vic and Nancy have remained active in many programs at their alma mater, USC, and travel to games and functions whenever possible. Giving back to their college is one of the many charitable efforts that have become Nancy’s focus nowadays.

“One of the beautiful things about giving is the act allows you to choose and support things that are meaningful to your life. For example, both Vic and I are active in our affiliation with the University of Southern California, and many of the things we do involve programs in which we both share an interest.”
– Nancy Edelbrock

Christi Edelbrock

Christi EdelbrockThe second of three daughters born to Vic & Nancy Edelbrock, Christi Edelbrock was raised in a family that many consider an automotive dynasty. Growing up an Edelbrock, Christi always had an affinity towards cars, however, it was equestrian competition that excited her. Christi participated in competitive horse jumping all across the country, even participating on the Olympic level. After a successful career in the horse business, Christi switched gears to a different form of horsepower, back to her roots at the family business, Edelbrock. From foundry operations to supply chain, to business development, she has been involved in all aspects of the business.

With an eye on the future, Christi has embraced the importance of educating today’s youth and is becoming a catalyst for change in the industry. By partnering with a variety of organizations including universities, cultural institutions, high schools, specialty learning institutions and after school programs, Christi has created a coalition that is dedicating to fostering an innovative environment for students to learn and develop.

Christi currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Motorsports Hall of Fame.